Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Play The Build-A-Fixie Game the IRO Way

Here's some more fixed gear bike related online waste of time for you, you know you like it...

IRO has just launched their brand new fancy flash-based website which features a real nice Build-A-Bike section where you can build a bike of your dreams from their selection of frames and parts and then you can very conveniently also buy it, just like that. It is kinda neat, really. The bike pictured above is what I came up with my first try - but it's not going to be the last. 

IRO is a small company operated by a dude named Tony, and his wife, and their bikes are known for a very good price to quality ratio and nowadays they have a nice selection of frames and parts to suit all your fixed gear needs. I'd personally wouldn't necessarily want to buy some of their components (like the seat, stems, headsets, tyres etc.) if I was buying a bike but generally it's all cool and my preferences veer more towards the retro stuff anyway.

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