Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

New Cheap Track Frames Are Here!

So you want to build you own fixed gear or single speed bike? Get a nice new frameset and choose nice new components or use something you already might have in your spare parts box. You would prefer a real track frame but don’t want or cannot afford to pay too much, especially when the bike would be for everyday use so it would not be good to have a too nice bike in the first bike?

You probably already have an old road bike converted to fixed gear but it was the wrong size in the first place because at the time you got it you didn’t know too much about how to fit a bike. Also, track bikes are way cooler than conversions.

But the first, and the biggest problem really, is finding and choosing the frameset, especially with a limited budget. I have the solution.

So here’s the thing me and everyone else is really excited about right now: Bikeisland.com has finally a received a new shipment from Taiwan: “2008 Cro Mo Steel Old School Fixed Gear /Single Speed Frame Set” AKA Kilo TT frame, in four neat color options, no less.

On places like bikeforums.net everyone loves these frames because: 
1.) they’re apparently pretty good build quality with nice enough Reynolds 520 steel tubing, 
2.) they’re cheap at only $199.00 
3.) they have that genuine tight track geometry, unlike most of the dedicated budget FG/SS frames out there. 

Also the color options and not having any decals probably help to add some more cool factor. Now only if they would ship outside U.S. of A too, I would order one right now.

If you want to see how the frame could look when built up, trawl through this thread here and you there’ll be plenty of Kilo TTs with different setups and styles.

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