Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Just Visited Sumvelo's Warehouse

This is a view from Sumvelo's warehouse from front side
here we can see a lot of Box,kazzam bikes,fixed gear bikes & Om Agus's PIAS Prototype Frameset
This is a Sumvelo X Cyclonesia PIAS Box,it Contains 2 pcs of PIAS Frame
The View from Backside
Sumvelo X Cyclonesia PIAS's Box
Om Agus's sumvelo X Cyclonesia PIAS Prototype Frameset, Looks cool huh ? there are only 4pcs in this entire world .
Om Agus's Sumvelo Cinelli Mash Grey 2010 edition such a Beautiful Bicycle Right? hehe

By The Way, i want to say Thanks a lot For sumvelo's Crew hospitality (Thanks om Andira & Om Agus) and also Many Thanks For the amazingPIAS Frameset guys :)

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