Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Pre-event LEE Jeans X Tremorz Morning ride

 the pre-event register Place/booth
 LEE JEans X TREMORZ EVENT Invitation Sticker on Arya's HED3 cheriiioo
 All of the rider Arrived at kota Tua, for rest and have a breakfast
 (Left-Right: Ipong NF,Andreas NF,Rajaw GRX, Igun FNF,Imam NF)
Resting along with North Fixed Crew(NF)
 (Left-Right: Ipong NF, Andreas NF,Imam NF, Reza NF)
Relaxing with North Fixed Crew
 (Left-Right: Igun FNF,Imam NF, Rajaw GRX)
 (Left-Right: Bima's Bike , Arya's Bike)
Cool Tees From LEE JEANS "The Cityt Is Mine" Our Crew Rajaw wearin it, looks big huh? haha

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