Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

We are a bike shop that formed in 2010.We are focus mainly  in Fixed Gear & Single Speed Bicycle.A story about us,When Arya ask Ryan to riding at Car Free Day together.Then they Cycling on Car Free Day together in the next day. When they resting on 7/11(Seven Eleven store) Grand Indonesia then Arya got an idea for make a business together with Ryan.A year ago Arya handle himself buying and selling Fixed Gear bikes, but because it was unable to do himself eventually Arya was invited Ryan at that time.Then Ryan agree to join Arya, the Arya's old Bussiness is closed, then Arya & Ryan start a new business project together.GARAXIE name is come from indonesian language for garage "Garasi" and Ryan have an idea to put the "Xie" in the back.And because we start open our shop at Arya's car garage.Ryan handle order from Bekasi and Arya handle order from Jakarta,Overseas etc.
And here we are GARAXIE FIXED GEAR! Happy Shopping guys!

Owner & Crew
Garaxie Fixed Gear

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