Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Alert! The New Aerospoke / HED3 is here: LexCarbon Monospoke

LexCarbon 700c clincher. from Tynan on Vimeo.
Red Alert to all the Hipsters reading this!!!

Arrospok, HED3 and Spinergy are all yesterday's news, this is apparently the new hip thing, LexCarbon monospoke. Now quickly, surf to Ebay to get yours before everyone else gets in on these.

In fact I must admit I first questioned whether this thing is even real or just a spoof but I guess it exists - since it is in teh Interwebz, right? But yeah, the technological innovations and progress the road cycling brings and feeds on seem to be pretty much limitless.

And apparently this thing costs about £1200. Convert that to your own currency and weep silently by yourself. 

But wait, there's more. Apparently manufacturing of these was finished already in 2003 and there was a weight limit of how much they would carry safely. 

But is this all just bullshit? Honestly, I cannot tell.

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